PentaCast Inc.  - Better by Design
PentaCast Inc. - Better by Design
Specialists in high integrity premium Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc castings.
The Die Cast process allows products to be made with high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The die casting process also produce fine details such as textured surfaces without requiring further processing.  Unlike other manufacturing processes such as extrusion, the die casting process does not limit the shape of parts.  Die cast parts are able to withstand to a broader range of temperature, making it more ideal in harsh temperatures and working environments. ​ Since PentaCast can produce complexe parts to net shape, there is little or no machining processes required thus reducing the production time.   ​ PentaCast uses both hot and cold chamber processes.  The hot chamber process has a short cycle time as it does not require metal to be transported from a separate furnace.  Cold Chamber Die Casting is used primarily for aluminum alloys. 

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