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Located in the community of Strathroy in Southwestern Ontario, PentaCast Inc. is an independent custom die cast, permanent mold casting, machining and manufacturing facility.  We provide unique solutions to your manufacturing needs.  


PentaCast prides itself on our ability to take your design from the early stages of prototyping to full proven production using various proprietary processes.   

Our location ideally allows us to serve the industrial heartland of North America.

Since our establishment in 1988 our steady growth has enabled us to build a new 2,600 square meter (28,000 sq. ft.), purpose-designed and built plant.

We have earned a loyal following of clients in a diverse range of markets including Electrical, Electronic, Communications, Furniture, Automotive, Fencing and Industrial Products.


  • Provide customers with quality products

  • Deliver on time

  • Be cost effective

  • Provide a safe work environment

  • Involve all employees in continuous improvement

  • Provide innovative solutions

  • Develop trusting partnerships

  • Achieve a reasonable profit


Thomas Cormier
General Manager and Technical Specialist


With more than 15 years of experience in the casting business,Thomas has the ability to resolve complex casting issues in diecast and permanent mold process. Thomas has engineering background through Lakehead University and holds a Fanshawe College Manufacturing Engineering Diploma.  

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