Quality die casting

The Die Cast process allows products to be made with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The die casting process also produces fine details such as textured surfaces without requiring further processing.  Unlike other manufacturing processes such as extrusion, the die casting process does not limit the shape of parts.  Die cast parts are able to withstand to a broader range of temperature, making it more ideal in harsh temperatures and working environments.

Since PentaCast can produce complexe parts to near net shape, there is little or no machining process required thus reducing the production time.  

PentaCast uses both hot and cold chamber processes.  The hot chamber process has a short cycle time as it does not require metal to be transported from a separate furnace.  Cold Chamber Die Casting is used primarily for aluminum alloys. 

Permanent mold - gravity die casting machines

The Permanent mold process produces non-ferrous high density, high strength castings with a smooth surface finish compared to sand-casting. Good part repeatability, and the rapid solidification of metal creates fine grain structure with superior metallurgical properties. 

Tilt pouring reduces turbulence as molten metal enters the die cavity, provides shorter cycle times, and requires less metal for feeding systems. Aluminum castings produced in metal molds have a tighter dendrite structure than castings produced in other processes. In addition, aluminum castings are harder and have better pressure characteristics. Value added options, such as sand cores or cast-in ferrous inserts are quite simple.

Prototyping and low to high volume production processes

PentaCast specializes in the production of aluminum, zinc and magnesium parts in prototype and low-high volume production quantities through our diverse processes.  Our operations are designed to deliver individual parts and complete assemblies very quickly.

Our proprietary casting processes shortens the time from conception to finished product. 

Green Manufacturing:  According to scientists, plastics takes at least a few hundreds of years to degrade fully.  This means that obsolete plastic products are pilled up in the landfills, polluting and causing health hazards.  Unlike plastic, die casting parts are primarily made of recycled material.  On average, approximately 95% of the metal is recycled from salvaged parts making it a sustainable material that can be used over and over again without degradation.


At PentaCast we are continuously striving to improve our products through innovation and creative thinking.  We work closely with our clients and supplier partners to provide cost effective performance. 

We have solid Strategic partnerships with market leader vendors & suppliers.


Exceptional customer service, dedication and satisfaction. Partnership oriented.

Focused on technical innovation and dedication to product and service excellence.

An amazing team of very capable, loyal & dedicated employees 

Finishing and assembly

PentaCast Inc. provides complete package of services that includes finishing and assembly to our customers.


Our clean room allows us to assemble components under rigid controls to ensure the highest quality product.

PentaCast prides itselt on providing clients one point of contact for all value added services facilitates on time delivery.  We offer on site and secondary machining.   We have exceptional local partners for heat treating, anodizing and painting services.  


Contact us to learn how we can help you.  

Aluminum, Zinc & Magnesium 

Aluminum Alloy Benefits:

  • high operating temperatures

  • lightweight

  • good strength and hardness

  • excellent RFI & EMI shielding properties

  • excellent thermal & high electrical conductivity

  • good finishing characteristics

  • corrosion resistant

  • 100% recyclable

Zinc Benefits:

  • high strength and hardness

  • excellent electrical & high thermal conductivity

  • high dimensional accuracy and stability

  • excellent thin wall capability

  • able to cold form, which eases joining

  • high quality finishing characteristics

  • corrosion resistant
  • 100% recyclable

Magnesium Benefits:

  • Lightweight - lightest structural metal

  • Low density (two thirds that of aluminum)

  • Good high-temperature mechanical properties

  • Good to excellent corrosion resistance

Our successful die casting and permanent mold operation is based on the extensive experience of our engineering team and plant staff. This experience has gained us a reputation as problem solvers for difficult designs.


Working with up-to-the-minute CAD capability and 3D printer our engineering team are fully able to take your product from concept through prototyping to finished article.


  • ZINC: 250 ton to 400 ton machines plus two high speed semi-automatic machines

  • ALUMINUM: 600 ton to 800 ton machines

  • MAGNESIUM one 500 lb, one 1500 lbs electric furnaces

  • 2 30 X 30 Stahl Autocast permanent mold tilt machines

  • TRIM PRESSES: 25 ton to 50 ton

  • 2 x 5000lb gas fired melting furnace

  • 3 x 1500lb gasmac holding furnaces

  • Solid Works

  • CMM Machine, Brown & Sharpe - model PFX

  • CNC lathe

  • Hand-operated milling machines

  • Drill presses & Trim Press

  • Grinders & Lathes

  • Vertical Band Saw

  • Vibratory De-Burring machine


  • A380 Aluminum

  • A356.2S Aluminum

  • AZ91 Magnesium

  • AZ92 Magnesium

  • ZA3 Zinc

  • ZA5 Zinc

  • ZA12 Zinc

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